AgBio AB-103 Cucumber Beetle Trap & Lure (2 Pack)


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Product Overview

Attracts & Traps striped and spotted cucumber beetles!

Cucumber Beetles are a formidable pest wherever cucumber, watermelon, pumpkin, cantaloupe, squash and other cucurbits are grown.  Beetles can kill or severely stunt seedlings, and damage stems and fruits on mature plants.  Larvae will feed on roots when possible.  Cucumber beetles are well known for transmitting bacterial wilt, gummy stem blight, and some viruses.  
Pheromone lure will attract various types of cucumber beetles:
  • Striped cucumber beetle (Acalymma vittatum)
  • Western striped cucumber beetle (Acalymma trivittatum)
  • Spotted cucumber beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi) 
  • Western spotted cucumber beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata)

VivaTrap! Cucumber Beetle Traps utilize a strong wet-glue adhesive to retain beetles that are attracted to the multi-pheromone lure. 

Includes: 2x extra-sticky wet glue traps & 2x lures (2 complete traps)

Instructions: Place lure on or very near to yellow sticky trap.  Use one trap with lure per 2,000 sq. ft. for monitoring or one trap with lure per 400 sq. ft. for mass trapping.  Replace when filled with beetles or dirty.  Deploy traps in early April through August for best results, place in garden when seedlings start to emerge or beetles appear and begin feeding on flowers and foliage. Lure lasts for 3-4 weeks depending on temperature.

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(11 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 4
    Same as walmart but less expensive

    Posted by Erin Cole on 12th Aug 2023

    Same thing as what you can buy on but much less expensive if you get the free shipping option. Support small business!

  • 5

    Posted by Diana Coffman on 19th Jul 2023

    Really incredible how fast this trap catches beetles! Glue is crazy sticky. We are using these in a mixed garden with all kinds of seasonal veggies, including cucumbers of course. These beetles seem to like all the plant leaves not just cucumber plants.

  • 5
    Better price than WalMart

    Posted by Freddy Gibson on 5th Jul 2023

    The same thing is on WalMart online for $20 or more. The shipping was faster too. These were good we have been using them for more than 10 years.

  • 5

    Posted by Hector Barajas on 7th Aug 2022

    It is incredible how efficient it is, the plague is gone, it is no longer on my land. Thank you very much

  • 5
    Si funciona!

    Posted by Jessica Flores on 28th Jul 2022

    Muchas gracias, es lo mejor que hemos comprado para la molesta plaga que teníamos cada año. Sin duda lo comprare nuevamente

  • 5

    Posted by Elizabeth Lara on 22nd Jul 2022

    Es increíble!!! Que pena apenas haberlo conocido el producto. Tienen una cliente leal de por vida <3

  • 5
    Nice traps

    Posted by Ashley S. on 10th Apr 2022

    Nice traps they are very helpful

  • 5
    Sold out everywhere but here

    Posted by Cornelius on 8th Oct 2021

    These are getting hard to find they are sold out almost everywhere. Using these in our gardens for years now. We just got a bunch for next year in case we cant find them in springtime.

  • 4
    Sticky Sticky Sticky

    Posted by Anna Byrd on 5th Aug 2021

    Glue is really sticky! The little beetles did not stand a chance. You cannot smell the pheromones but they are there and bring in the bettles from a long ways away.