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Product Overview

Mycostop Biofungicide contains a naturally occurring bacterial strain isolated from Sphagnum peat, Streptomyces strain K61 actinobacterium. Streptomyces deprives pathogenic fungi of space and nourishment by colonizing plant roots, where it also acts as a hyperparasite, disrupting cell walls of pathogens and producing metabolites that further inhibit these pathogens 

  • Organic & 100% natural! OMRI listed since 1988 & EPA registered since 1994
  • Easy application by drench, surface spray or through hydroponic delivery
  • Can be used simultaneously with nematodes and other biological control organisms
  • Control or suppression of many root rot and wilt pathogenic fungi, such as  Pythium, Fusarium, Alteraria, Phomopsis, Phizoctonia, Phytophthora and Botrytis.  Plants often respond with increased vigor and yield, like a vitamin boost
  • Great for Hydroponics, solves most root rot issues
  • Apply at any time, regardless of plant maturity/stage
  • Non-phytotoxic
  • Use on all crops such as medicinal herbs, vegetables and ornamentals
  • Colorado MMED approved for use on medicinal herbs up to the day of harvest (SDS available upon request)
  • *We cannot currently ship this product to Hawaii or Alaska due to restrictions on the import of biologicals.* 

When applied as a drench or spray the dried spores and mycelium of the Streptomyces culture in Mycostop germinate and begin to grow on and around the plant roots.  In doing so, they create a biological defense against root infecting pathogenic fungi which cause disease such as wilt and root rot.  

Mycostop is used by growers for disease caused by Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Alternaria, Phomopsis, and to a lesser extent for Botrytis and Phytophtora.  Mycostop has particularly good activity against Fusarium, Mycostop is increasingly used as a seed treatment for Pythium, Fusarium, and other seedling pathogens.  

Mycostop has been shown to increase plant vigor and yields even in the absence of obvious root pathogen activity, as the Streptomyces produce plant root stimulating hormones that benefit plant health overall.

Application Rates:

  • Soil Drench: 0.01-0.1% suspension (1-10 grams mixed into 5 gallons of water) - Typical use rate for most garden applications: 1 gram per 10 gallons of water, with each mixed gallon covering 10~ square feet of planted area
  • Foliar spray: 0.05% suspension (10 grams mixed into 5 gallons of water)
  • Foliar fog: 0.3-.45 grams per 100 square feet. See label for water volume
  • Drip: 2.3-4.6 grams per 100 square feet
  • Incorporation in potting media: 0.05% suspension (10 grams mixed into 5 gallons of water) incorporated at 8-20 gallons per cubic yard
  • Hydroponic NFT: 2.5 grams per 1000 plants
  • Hydroponic Rockwool: 20-25 grams per 1000 plants
  • Hydroponic Recirculating/Deep Water Culture: 1 gram per 25 gallons of recirculating water 

Manufacturer Studies and Testing

  1. Mycostop Control of Fusarium on Ornamentals
  2. Mycostop Control of Fusarium on Vegetables

Independent recommendations for use of Mycostop

  1. Natural Supression of Plant Diseases
  2. Microbial Control of Soil pathogens
  3. Mycostop Control Soil Pathogens
  4. Management Strategies of Pythium


Certified organic by the Organic Materials Review Institute


(1 review) Write a Review

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  • 5
    High value fungicide

    Posted by Myco Mikey on 19th Jul 2021

    If you have high value crops you are short changing yourself if you are not employing a biofungicide in your program. Mycostop WP is the very best one available for Fusarium and Pythium. These are the two biggest problems for most growers. Try this in your program once and you will never grow without it again.