VivaTrap! Squash Vine Borer Moth Trap + Lure (2 Pack)

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Attracts and Traps Squash Vine Borers!

The adult Squash Vine Borer is a stout dark gray moth with 'hairy' red hind legs, opaque front wings, and clear hind wings with dark veins. Unlike most moths, they fly about the plants during the daytime, appearing more like a paper wasp than a moth. 

This insect overwinters as a full grown larva or a pupa one to two inches below the soil surface. If it has not already done so, the larva pupates in the spring. Adult moths begin to emerge about the time the plants begin to run, and moth flight continues through mid August. The small brown eggs, laid individually on leaf stalks and vines, hatch in seven to 10 days. The newly hatched larva immediately bores into the stem. A larva feeds for 14 to 30 days before exiting the stem to pupate in the soil. There are 1 to 2 generations per year. 

VivaGrow Squash Vine Borer traps include a pheromone to naturally lure mature moths to a sticky surface where they cannot escape, keeping them from being able to produce larvae which feed on and damage plants. 100% safe for pets, non toxic. 

Includes: 2x extra-sticky wet glue traps & 2x lures (2 complete traps)

Instructions: Hang traps at 2-3' height, 5-10' away from grow area or garden plot to draw borer moths away. Place with care to avoid wind and rain as possible. Use one trap + lure per 100-150 square feet of planted area. Deploy traps at first planting, replacing traps as needed through August for best results. Lure lasts for approximately 6-8 weeks.



(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Got 'em

    Posted by Charles on 2nd Aug 2021

    Caught all the moths before they could mate and have their larva destroy the vines. They didn't stand a chance! Had 15 of them or more caught on the first night. I guess they like whatever is in the traps.

  • 4
    Back in stock!

    Posted by Larry White on 22nd Jul 2021

    Finally got these they have been almost impossible to find this year. Does a good job at catching the little moths that are actually borers (not sure I think the moths are the adult version of the borers). Plants are happier without the borers.

  • 5
    Impossible to find

    Posted by Xavier Martinez on 14th Apr 2021

    These vivatraps are hard to find this year. Order some while you can they sell out sometimes on their website.